Who We Are

Tangible is a strategic development and private investment firm, partnering to build businesses with flexible capital solutions across various industries and situations. Tangible offers a broad, diversified suite of partnership programs that spread across risk and return strategies, all to help entrepreneurs seize market opportunities. Our program includes a complete range of investment and restructuring solutions. Our partnership means both the implementation of restructuring and investment solutions. We focus our investments on small and medium-sized businesses invested in improving six major sectors: real estate development, energy, healthcare, education, hospitality, and manufacturing.

Tangible aims to make a difference, not through future predictions, but through tangible deliverables. We are investors, owners, and operators of small, large, and growing projects & companies. Tangible’s success and expansion goes back to having local teams on the ground, in each country we operate in, through which tangible was able to access opportunities that a lot of other firms did not even see. We continue to invest capital and deploy experts in these sectors across the regions of GCC, Turkey, and Europe. With our hands-on approach, we help companies grow rapidly while remaining the entrepreneur’s partner, throughout the journey. We do not only offer capital; we also provide a comprehensive strategy. Tangible’s success is based on two fundamentals: collaboration and partnership. We will collaborate with you in creating a plan, executing, and meeting a better and prosperous future. Think as big as you can, and most importantly; move. Tangible is a global firm but also a local firm in the Gulf region, Europe, and Turkey.